Gain a deeper understanding of the underwater world.
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Duration 2 days

Intensity intermediate


Gain a deeper understanding of the underwater world

The SSI Marine Ecology program is designed for divers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the underwater world and the interrelationships between its inhabitants. The course covers topics such as oceanography, marine organisms, marine ecosystems, and human impacts on the marine environment.

Through classroom and in-water training, participants will learn about the diversity of marine life and their ecological roles. They will also gain an understanding of the threats that marine ecosystems face, such as pollution and overfishing, and how they can make a positive impact through conservation and sustainable diving practices.

The Marine Ecology program is a great way for divers to enhance their diving experience and become more responsible and environmentally conscious divers. It is also a valuable addition to any dive professional’s training, as it provides a deeper understanding of the underwater environment and how to promote sustainable diving practices to students.


  • Lectures and practical classes
  • All the required equipment
  • Free e-learning on Marine Ecology (SSI Blue Oceans)
  • SSI certification, internationally recognized according to the standard ISO 24801-2
  • Insurance


It is not a question of having more or less experience, security is provided by the professionals with whom you dive.

Mandatory documentation

Before diving, fill out a medical questionnaire to assess health concerns. Medical certificate required if health issue noted. Diving insurance is mandatory, we'll arrange it if needed. Enjoy a safe and worry-free experience.


When sea conditions are unfavorable, safety and enjoyment come first for us. That's why we prioritize cancelling the dive if necessary. Your satisfaction is our top concern and we never want to compromise on that. In the event of cancellation, rest assured that your paid amount will always be fully refunded to you.

Natural Park, Wrecks & Caves

Experience the underwater world in a natural park, discover sunken wrecks, and explore caves. Our knowledgeable guides ensure a safe and thrilling adventure. Explore diverse marine life, witness nature's beauty and create lasting memories.